Clash of Clans - Clan War - Most Heroic Defense Ep. 2

Most heroic defense by my clan mate! As you can see in the video, it seems the attacker is inexperience and nervous. You can see the slow troops deployment, wrong spell placement, and he didn't lure out the clan castle troops. It is a waste of good troops.

In my opinion, with better deployment this attack should at least earn 2 stars.

The troops composition are:

  • 25 archers lvl 4
  • 4 wizards lvl 4
  • 1 healer lvl 2
  • 3 dragons lvl 2
  • 42 Minions lvl 1
  • 1 lightning spell
  • 1 healing spell
  • 1 rage spell
  • Clan castle troops consist of: 20 archers

Check it out and thanks for watching!


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